Baffin Icebear Work Boots Review

Baffin Icebear Work Boots

Baffin Icebear Work Boots



The Baffin Icebear Work Boots are a winter wonderland boot for me. They are wide through the foot and have more than enough room in the calf to tuck your pants in.

The work boots have a very knobby sole with deep tread, that provides an ample amount of grip in all conditions.

They are rated for -50°C, and although I have only had the pleasure of wearing them in -40°C, they kept my feet very warm.

Baffin Icebears are unimaginably comfortable considering what kind of boot they are, rubber that is.

These boots are safety boots and as such have toe protection. The best part of all is that it is composite which means they are very light.



As with most rubber boot, these being no different, you must have a good moisture management plan whilst wearing them.

I personally would not recommend them to someone who drives full time as you have less feeling through the boot than most people are used to.



I have wide feet and high arches, so needless to say that the extra room that is built into these boots works well for me. The extra room also adds some much-needed room for an extra pair of thick socks when you need it the most. You are also able to tuck your pant legs into the calf area, which helps to keep them clean and dry when you are sludging through muck or snow.

The soles have a good deal of deep tread on them, which generally tends to keep your foot exactly where you put it. Where I worked, we were made to wear traction aids with the boots, but with the shank support they don’t bend or buckle under the added stresses of those.

The Baffin website rates these boots down to a balmy -50°C, and I happily cannot confirm that temperature, but I did wear them outside in -40°C on more than one occasion. They were warm so long as you kept moving because standing around in the cold just doesn’t do anything for your feet other than let them freeze. That statement is true with any boot on the market, the only exception to that is heated boots which I have, as of writing this, never tried.

Baffin Icebear work boots are amazing for anyone that works or play outdoors and would like to keep their feet toasty warm. Now, the one problem with warm feet and cold temperatures, that you must keep in mind, is that you have to remove the moisture to maintain the heat. There is a combination of socks that I have found work very well for this and I will post a follow up to this with those in mind. Although wearing thick socks and boots that insulate well, I would recommend not to drive in them full time. Driving with these boots on can be done, I am not saying it can’t, I personally have driven with them on. Most people just tend to lose some tactile feeling when their feet are bundled up and that is why I am recommending that you don’t drive full time with them on.



Am I happy I bought these work boots? Yes, undoubtedly, YES! I have suffered through many winters dealing with cold feet and never until I bought and used these have I had warm feet during winter. I have even worn these into the summer months because I liked them so much, though I had to bring even more socks to manage the moisture.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Baffin Icebear work boots to anyone looking for some way to keep their feet warm this winter.



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Baffin Icebear Work Boot




Build Quality









  • Wide Through Foot & Calf
  • Good Grip
  • Warm To -50°C
  • Comfortable
  • Composite Toe & Shank


  • Moisture Management
  • Not Recommended for Driving
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    1. I am a fan too, but I had to do some serious moisture management to make sure my feet stayed comfortable and blister free.

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