Cuisinart ICE-70C Gelato, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker Review

Cuisinart ICE-70C Gelato, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker

Cuisinart Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker


It really brings out the kid in me as I get to watch the ice cream maker actually freeze the ice cream.

The Cuisinart ice cream maker is also quite easy to clean considering it only has four pieces.


The ice cream maker is quite slow, which in some cases can be problematic.

It is definitely noisy, which if your kitchen and relaxing space are in the same general area, might turn out to be a problem.


We have made ice cream with the Cuisinart ice cream and sorbet maker a couple of times now and I have found the following;

It is super cool that it has a see-through cover for the top. I am a kid at heart and love to check it repeatedly while it is freezing the ice cream.

The ice cream maker only has a total of five parts which when it comes time to clean it, makes clean up a breeze. You just have to let the bowl totally defrost or run it under lukewarm water and wipe clean as it is stainless steel. Just make sure to use a spatula to get the ice cream out instead of anything metal to prevent scratching the steel in the bowl which would undoubtedly make it harder to clean.

It is slow to make ice cream with a high-fat content. Why would that be important? Because high-fat ice cream doesn’t freeze into a block of ice in the freezer. Now you would expect something that doesn’t freeze into a block in the freezer to take its time, which in the end is all well and good. The one issue that arises, is that a couple of times the bowl doesn’t stay frozen long enough to get the job done.

It is noisy and quite noisy at that. The first time we plugged it in and turned it on we ended up moving it to another room so that we could continue to watch a show, although out kitchen and living room are attached so if you don’t have that problem there probably isn’t much of an issue there. We are much more used to the sound of the machine now that we have owned it for longer and we just make sure we run it when we aren’t trying to watch something on TV or we just turn up the volume.


Am I satisfied with this Cuisinart ice cream and sorbet maker? The short answer is yes. I would buy another one if this one stopped working or broke down. Assuming it didn’t break tomorrow as we have only used it maybe 10 times thus far, but if it worked for another year or two, I would most definitely replace it. I may consider looking into an ice cream maker that has some sort of refrigerant system but for now and foreseeable future I don’t mind having the ice cream bowl in the freezer waiting for the next batch.


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Cuisinart ICE-70C Gelato, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker










Ease of Use



  • Easy to Clean
  • Clear Cover for Viewing
  • Push Button Start
  • Pre-set Timer


  • Noisy
  • Slow
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