Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags Review

Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags


These jumbo vacuum storage bags are completely see-through allowing you to know exactly what is inside without having to open them up and let the air back inside.

With either a vacuum or the included hand pump that gets shipped with your storage bags it is super easy to seal them up and suck the air out. I will say that the vacuum is easily the quickest way.

Most people have vacuums but if you don’t for any reason, let’s say you live in a small place with hard flooring and have no use for a vacuum or space to store one, you can easily use the included hand pump to take the air out of the bag.

These vacuum storage bags are super easy to seal. They each come with a plastic slide to easily close the double zipper.


Keep in mind that whatever you put into these bags is unlikely to stay unwrinkled, you are after all sucking pretty much all the air out of it which will make things get a little wrinkled. We took our duvet out and within the day you couldn’t see the wrinkles anyways.


We most commonly use these jumbo vacuum storage bags for our blankets/duvets and pillows. You could also use these to free up more space in the closet by sealing up your winter jackets and snow pants. We live in a relatively small condo and these things have helped us to save some much-needed space where we can.

The thick plastic that they use to make these jumbo vacuum storage bags is very durable and can withstand a large deal of material being placed inside before you suck the air out. Whatever you store in these is also safe from mildew, water, insects, and dust, so you could throw them in your shed outside if you really wanted to save space in the house.


These storage bags have worked out great for us and I plan on using them over and over to compact and store our stuff. I am happy I bought these but my only recommendation is that you make sure you have need of them otherwise it is just one more thing for you to store if you don’t use them all. Who doesn’t have an excess of blankets hanging around the house though? They are expensive and bulky to store unless you can take all the air out of them and pack them away then.


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Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags






Storage Capacity




Ease of Use



  • See Through
  • Easy to Compact
  • Free Hand Pump
  • Dual Zipper Closure


  • Wrinkles
  • Wide When Compacted
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