Men’s Carhartt Cushioned Socks Review

Men's Carhartt Cushioned Socks

Men’s Carhartt Cushioned Socks



These men’s Carhartt cushioned socks stay where you put them, which is exactly what you want them to do.

I personally like my socks to be tight through the arch, as I am sure most people do, and the composition of these socks does just that.

I generally wear steel toed work boots for extended periods of time, I’m talking 140+ hours every three weeks, and Carhartt cushioned socks help protect my toes and heels for getting too banged up.



I have worn these socks through all seasons, I live and work in Canada, and the one thing I can say about them is that they are hot during the summer.



My girlfriend and I have gone through a number of socks working in Northern Alberta and these are top contenders for both spring and fall socks. They are warm but not too warm when you wear them with an outside temperature of -10°C to +15°C, which in between those temperatures, these socks wear very well and managed to keep my feet warm. I do usually take two pairs of socks so that if my feet start to get a little wet, I can go and change out my socks, preventing blisters and cold feet in cooler temperatures.

These socks are cotton so I named the moisture wicking as a con, the reason for that is that they may have a bit of a moisture-wicking effect but to be totally honest, I don’t generally find cotton to be a very good wick for my damp feet.



I bought four pairs of the Carhartt cushioned socks because they provide a good deal of comfort for my feet, so I would most definitely recommend them to anyone that was looking for a good pair of socks for a moderate climate.

I plan on posting about the best set up I had for winter conditions soon, so if you would like to know what I found to be the best for snow and freezing temperatures, I will link to that here when it is complete.



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Men's Carhartt Cushioned Socks










Moisture Wicking



  • Stays Up
  • Tight Through Foot
  • Cushioned Toes and Heel


  • Warm for Summer
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