Pisen 20000mah LCD Power Station Review

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Pisen 20000mah LCD Power Station

The Pisen 20000mah LCD Power Station is really quite well made and has saved me, numerous times, during my time with it. The battery pack itself has two standard USB outputs on the top with a micro usb used strictly for charging the pack.

I have carried this thing around for over a year now and use if fairly regularly since my old iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t last me all day if I play some battery intensive games. Pisen has really made something worth buying in this product if you are ever in need of a little extra juice throughout the day.

What do I think?

The Power Station itself has easily lasted me over a year with plenty of battery power to spare. I can charge my phone multiple times before I ever have to think of charging the power bank. It also has a trusty little LCD screen that gives me all the information I need from a charger. The screen tells me the percentage of battery left in the power bank along with which ports are supplying power and if the device is charging when plugged into the micro USB slot. There is only one button on the device and it turns the power bank on. The device will time out and shut off after a little while once disconnected from a device.

If you are looking for a Pisen LCD Power Station that has a wireless charging option, this isn’t it. Though it does say that one of the USB ports is a 2 Amp port with the other being your standard 1 Amp port, I cannot say that I have noticed a real difference between the two but I almost always plug my phone into the 2 Amp port and it charges just fine. I like that the LCD screen shows me exactly how much power is left in the device and I’m not just guessing while some lights are flashing at me. Something else to consider, the Pisen 20000mah LCD Power Station does have a large electrical storage capacity but if you were to plug 2 devices into it at the same time it will throttle total output to 2 Amps.


When I first ordered it, I had placed my order on Aliexpress and wasn’t sure if I was even going to get it, and if I did, if it would work as stated on the product page. Well needless to say, I have been more than happy with this specific purchase. I have had other items arrive and be less than what I expected, but that is to be expected for at least some products from Aliexpress. I will do a full review of my experience of buying from Aliexpress in the future, but they do have a return/money back policy that has worked for me.

Pisen 20000mah LCD Power Station


Battery Life


Battery Indicator





  • Long Battery Life
  • Multiple Charging Ports
  • LCD Display


  • No Wireless Charging
  • No Fast Charge Option
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