The Muse Case by ZuguCase Review

The Muse Case with IPad

Why did I buy The Muse Case?

I had done a bit of research before I bought my Ipad for school, and not many had the ability to charge the apple pencil 2 while the case was still on. My other main concern was making sure I wasn’t one of the “Bend Gate” Ipad users. That is why I considered The Muse Case in the first place.

So with the bare bones requirements being pencil charging and decent protection for the device, I didn’t have a long list but I did know what I wanted. I am a student, so I knew that I would be hauling my new iPad, day in and day out, with me to school. Tossing it in my backpack every morning and trucking to school on the train, it needed to be able to stand up to daily use and provide at least the minimal protection that I would require for my day to day travel.

I didn’t buy the iPad when it first came out, but there really seemed to be a lack of cases that supported the magnetic charging of the Apple Pencil, even when I bought mine. This case has a recessed pencil charging spot that helps to keep it from getting bumped off the charging contact.

Receiving and setting up the Muse Case

The Good

This case has some serious bumper protection around the corners, and it isn’t even a bulky case. The “bumper” protection that is around the corners is substantial, but not over done. The cutouts for the microphones and speakers are perfectly aligned with the device. The charge port cutout is large enough to fit any 3rd party charger you might want to use with the Muse Case. 

The cover for the screen flips around and is adjustable to nine different angles with the sturdy magnets. All angles of support are in the landscape orientation, which is great if you are into multi-tasking. The kickstand is magnetically attached to the back of the case when not in use. The magnets are so sturdy in fact, that I have used the case as advertised and attached the iPad to my fridge. When closed the cover provides the ever sought after sleep/wake functionality. So, no more Siri waking up in my backpack to ask me what I said.

The best part of this case is the multiple ways to attach and carry the Apple Pencil. Not only can you magnetically charge the pencil, but you are able to slide it into a specially designed pocket on the back of the case. The back pocket is very secure and is able to elastically hold the pencil in place.

The Bad

Unfortunately, one thing to note is, the elastic holder on the back of the case, since it is black, has darkened parts of my apple pencil. The tip is slightly grey now and the minutely sharp edges on the pencil have turned, just barely, black.

The second thing, the fabric that covers the screen flips around and gets placed on whatever surface you are setting your iPad on. At home I don’t mind, but at school I’m never sure what I’m putting it on. I constantly have to wipe off the desk before using my iPad to make sure that i am not picking up something that might scratch my iPad screen.

Lastly, and likely the least important complaint, there is no way to use the Muse Case to prop the device up in portrait mode.

Would I recommend the Muse Case?

With the good and the bad, the Muse Case has been everything, and more, that I had hoped it would be when I first placed the order. The case is slim, yet supportive. I feel like it does a reasonable job protecting my iPad. The polyethylene case has some breathing holes cut into it, in case you are the type that would somehow work your ipad into an overheated state.

The Muse Case comes in only one colour, black, but it isn’t meant to be some sort of fashion statement.

In closing, I do fully recommend this case if you will be using your iPad in landscape mode most of the time and flat in portrait mode. If you want to have your iPad propped up in portrait mode, than I would suggest you look elsewhere for a case that will meet your needs.

The Muse Case











  • Protective Bumpers
  • Sleep/Wake Functionality
  • Magnetic Adjustability
  • Two Apple Pencil Pockets
  • Precision Cutouts


  • Screen Cover Sits on Table
  • Black Dyes Stain Apple Pencil
  • No Portrait Mode Support
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