Worm Factory 360 Review

Worm Factory 360

Worm Factory 360


The most amazing thing, in my opinion, about the Worm Factory 360 is that it doesn’t smell bad at all.

This system all sits on a base, that is quite well designed to function just the way it is supposed to, with a spigot built in to drain the worm tea out with.

You are able to get a staggering amount of rich black worm castings out of the Worm Factory 360. That does all depend on how much organic waste you have to put into it.

The base only measures 2 x 2 feet, which means that it will fit nearly anywhere that you want to put it. I mean anywhere, it is inside my house as I sit here typing this.


The walls of the trays are not super deep which speaks to the development and keeping weights down, but the walls not being tall means that you can easily make a mess while digging out a hole for the scraps.

The Worm Factory 360 is not a modern marvel of artful engineering, needless to say. Although, not surprisingly, since it wasn’t ever meant to be a centrepiece in your home.


I have had this worm farm for nearly five years now and it works, well the worms inside work and they work hard. I bought about half a pound of worms when I first got the bin, and now I would say I have about five to ten pounds of worms in a single bin. The worms in the bin are Red Wigglers (Eisenia Fetida) and the eat organic matter, though it is best to avoid dairy, meats, and oils. The worms are not always able to go through it fast enough to prevent the bin from turning rancid, so it is just best to give them the organic waste from your kitchen.

The bin itself is well designed for the purpose of housing these worms, it has a ramp in the base to help the worms get out of the liquid compartment if they happen to end up there. The bottom tray is raised up off of the ground and has a spigot installed in it to help drain the wonderful worm tea. It is set on four legs the measure two feet by two feet, which means that you can honestly put it pretty much anywhere, ours is sitting in our den area.

The most truly surprising thing about this thing is, there is not a single smell that comes from it. You can place the food into the top bin and cover it up with the dirt in that bin and voila no smell.


I have neglected the bin and the worms when I didn’t have the ability to move them with me. With very irregular feedings for nearly eight months, the bin still had worms in it and the population exploded as soon as I started feeding the worms regularly again. One thing to note is that the worms self-regulate their population to coincide with the amount of food that is given to them and the space they have to grow into. You can get more information about the worms here.

Would I recommend this product? You bet! It would be an awesome learning experience for anyone of any age. So why not try your hand at a little vermiculture, any little space would work for you.


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Worm Factory 360




Build Quality


Ease of Use


Speed of Decomposition





  • No Smell
  • Worm Tea
  • Lots of Compost
  • Small Footprint


  • Messy when Digging
  • Not Aesthetically Pleasing
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